Reptile Club of UTD

When we Meet:

Every Wednesday

at 7 PM


Our mission:

We are a passionate group of individuals with a love of reptiles, amphibians, and other exotics alike.

Our goal is provide a social interest group, a place for students to get information about exotic animals, and help spread awareness of wildlife conservation, rescue, and care.

As an organization our donations and funds will contribute to the organization's events, materials needed, and be donated to Nature's Edge Wildlife and Reptile Rescue in Fort Worth Texas.

We also go to reptile expos and other run exotic animal themed trips! Making us a mix of social, service, and education as an organization.

If you love reptiles/ wildlife, or are curious come check us out!


What we do:

We go to Reptile Expos! Including NARBC and Lone Star Reptile Expos, we usually get a discounted price too. Come with us, meet some other animal lovers, and save!

We are also planning to have some awesome guest speakers come and bring some rad reptiles!

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We support newrr

Any of our extra funds raised by fundraising is donated to NEWRR, a local wildlife and reptile rescue located in Fort Worth. They do amazing recoveries and help animals in need of all kinds check them out on social media:

Bridgette Bryant, President/Founder,

She owns: 1 Sulcata Tortoises (James), 1 Bearded Dragon (Luther), 1 BCI Boa (Name TBD), 2 Ball Pythons (Rain, TBD), 1 Red Eared Slider (Bob), 1 Tailless Whip Scorpian, and 1 Torty Cat (Jaspurr).

Sterling Gayle, Vice President

He owns: 2 Dogs, 1 Crested Gecko, 1 Ball Python, 1 Hamster

Eli Meredith, Secretary

Laura Vargas, Treasurer

Animals: 1 Dog

Felicity Powlowski, Historian

She owns 1 cat

Jason Smith, Advisor

He owns: 1 Green Iguana

For more information contact Bridgette Bryant: